Ordzhonikidzevsky disctrict

Ordzhonikidzevsky district was founded on 25 February, 1952, but its history began much earlier – in 30s of XX century, when in the north of Ufa the building of the cracking plant has begun.

Nowadays Ordzhonikidzevsky district is the most industrial district in Ufa . More than 57 thousands of workers are employed at 220 large and medium sized enterprises. More than 5 thousands of small business entities operate in the district.

Ordzhonikidzevsky district is famous not only for its large developed enterprises, but also for its history and people – hard workers of different professions. District is being actively developed, modern buildings are being built, old buildings are being reconstructed, new school, kindergartens, medical clinics and sport centers are being opened.

450064, Ufa, Mira st. 6
Fax: 8(347)2420272

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