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Вид на микрорайон "Южный" и каменную переправу со стороны улицы Зайнаб Биишевой.В микрорайоне Инорс внедряется система интеллектуального видеонаблюдения. Планируется подключить 700 видеокамер, первые уже установлены. Это часть большой комплексной работы по повышению уровня общественной безопасности и правопорядка в микрорайоне и в целом в нашем городе. Инорс в данном направлении является пилотным.Во дворе дома № 36а по ул. Комарова открылась обновленная хоккейная коробка на месте старой деревянной, которая была снесена в прошлом году. Заниматься различными видами спорта на ней можно круглый год. Здесь предусмотрено специальное травмобезопасное покрытие, а в темное время суток площадка будет освещаться.В 2019 г. в микрорайоне Инорс установлены 265 новых опор наружного освещения и 639 светильников, в том числе 65 опор и 287 светильников на территориях и подходах к образовательным учреждениям. Освещены улицы Г.Мушникова, М.Шолохова, Новоселов, Кольцова, Транспортная (от д. 52 до бульвара Баландина), Цимлянская, переулок Железнодорожный; квартал, ограниченный улицами С.Богородская, Петрозаводская, Байкальская, а также дворовые территории и проезды. Ранее освещение этих улиц отсутствовало. 8 сентября в Уфе акция «Зарядка со звездой», которая была направлена на пропаганду здорового образа жизни среди населения республики, собрала несколько сотен активных горожан.  1 сентября в Уфе на ул. Ленина впервые прошел крупнейший семейный праздник – фестиваль «Мой любимый город»Старый и новый "затонские" мосты через реку Белаяулица М.Пинского отремонтирована в 2019 г. в рамках федерального проекта "Безопасные и качественные автомобильные дороги"Администрация городского округа г. Уфа РБ и Совет городского округа город Уфа РБПроспект Октября, одна из главных транспортных артерий городаФормирование команд-участников Международных детских игр в Уфе, площадка перед Уфа-АренаView from «Planeta» mall sideUfa urban services take action to recover from snowfall on February 7-8, 2019.«Ufa» mall - is one of the oldest malls of the capital. It is situated in the center of the city on Prospekt Oktyabrya street.Football workout in «Pervomayskiy» parkCentral register’s office on Novomostovaya street which was opened in 2012"Ice town" on Ordzhonikidze Square, 2019 Festive illumination in Lenin str. park.The high point of New Year celebration in Ufa was a firework Mini-park Teatralniy in UfaNew decorative lighting was lighted up in mini-park Teatralniy in UfaSovetsky district is the most populated area in Ufa. More than 179 000 people of 100 nationalities live here.Ice Town in Kalininsky district in Ufa. Here citizens and guests will see traditional characters: Father Frost, Snow Maiden and traditional Bashkir heroes. Sculptures and slopes are thoroughly checked to exclude breaks and cracks. Children safety is under special control: ice town situated down the road is fenced by ice blocks to forbid transport ride.Most streets in Ufa are decorated with lighting. The brightest is Lenin str. Here are 79 lighting chains and 35 thousand lamps.Bank of the Belaya river. The second phase of renovation works. Facility commissioning is planned on September, 2019.Building of ice parks in Ufa is in progress. They will attract citizens in winter time. The fur-tree on Lenin square is 30 meters in height. To decorate ice sculptures, architectural lightening is used.Heavy snowfall made Ufa services work hard. Today, almost 300 equipment units and 2 000 workers of housing and utilities sector were put to work to remove the snow.Main fur-tree of the capital 30 meters in height was installed on Lenin Square in Ufa by municipal unitary enterprise "Gorzelenkhoz". The tree was delivered on November, 22 from Blagoveshensk regionThe renovation of the Frontoviye Brigadi str.was made within the frames of the project " Safe and Quality Roads"Pervomaiskaya parkway is situated in front of the Youth Palace and was renovated in 2015-2016Due to strengthening of control on passenger carriers' work since October, 23 in Ufa, 18 bus routes were closed.15 routes were changed and trolleybus routes were entered into work in Sipailovo neighborhood. Issues on citizens' qiestions are under control and will be worked out.Commuter station called "Sportivnaya" starts its work after reconstruction. Comfortable covered stops with ticket halls and automatized payment system are built here.
It should be noted that it takes only 22 minutes to get from "Sportivnaya" station to the railwaystation by train.Crossing of two roads. Bolshaya Grazhdanskaya st. was repaired in 2017 and 50-let Oktyabrya - in 2018. The repair of these roads was made within the project "Safe and Quality Roads".Bridges over the Belaya river in Zaton district provide traffic network between federal highways M5 and M7, and the entrance into the city from the federal highway M7 "Volga". About 30% of pepole who enter the city daily pass this way.This is the yard on Khudauberdina str. In 2018 a road here was restored and pavement was constructed. This year full roads repairs were made in 61 yards on territories of 87 blocks of flat in Ufa. Considering the results of asphalt laboratory testing, it's quality is according to GOST Standard. Sipailovo neighborhood turned 35 in July, 2018. It should be marked  that firstly Sipailovo (in those time-villages) was mentioned in the list of populated places in the Russian Empire in 18710 with the population of 77 people.Construction of the building atttached to the main surgery wing of Republic oncology dispensary is carried on schedule.On October 29, 2018 Ulfat Mustafin was elected as the Head of Ufa Administration - most of deputies voted for himChildren's play area was fixed within the M.Gafuri park development in 2017. Also, the workout zone for adults is situated nearby.In 2018 within the project "Safe and Quality Roads" the section of Halle City Str. from R. Zorge Str. to transport ring was restored.Bikbaya str. in the Sipailovo district is restored within the frames of the "Safe and Quality roads" project.A third part of Ufa city are forests and parksSpectacular view of the river Belaya from the Monument to Salavat Yulaev. This sculpture was created by soviet sculptor Soslanbeck Tavasiyev. The monument was built on November 17, 1967. Ufa keeps hydraulic engineering works on the bank of Belaya river View on Mendeleeva and Kuvikina streets from the side of Obskaya street Inors is industrialized area of Ufa. There is a large industrial complex Ufa Motor-Building Production Association (UMPO) and Ufa CHP-2 on its territory. In 1604 the first settlement – New Sloboda – formed on the site of modern Inors, 18 miles from Ufa of that time.Sculpture composition “Time Machine” is a monument to the engine R-95SH for SU-25 aircrafts. It is installed in Ufa in the Motor Constructors Park founded in honor of the 100th anniversary of the legendary Director of the Ufa engine-manufacturing plant Mikhail Ferin.Salavat Yulaev Square and the monument to the national hero of Bashkortostan is a popular place among visitors and tourists. It is situated on the rock with the view over the Belaya river. The monument is included in the number of seven wonders of Bashkortostan.Svobody street road repair.
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