The opening of the 30th anniversary season of «Miras» song and dance ensemble took place in Ufa.

The opening of the 30th anniversary season of «Miras» song and dance ensemble took place in Ufa. In the lobby of City Cultural Center, a photo exhibition was organized; it was called «Foggy Albion» and dedicated to «Miras» tour to Great Britain in 2016. Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Bashkortostan, Islametdin Mambetov, took a series of photographs when Miras represented Bashkortostan and Russia at the 52nd International Folklore Festival, which was held in Billingham (England).

The concert was opened by the vocal and choreographic composition "Ilkyem", the Bashkir folk song "Komartky" performed by Zaliya Ganiatullina and Yunir Saginbaev, the dance of Bashkir horsemen "Amanat" and the vocal and choreographic composition "Bashort balls". The choir of the ensemble has prepared premieres for the season - this is a new song "Bashkortostan" and a medley for Bashkir folk songs "Gullymu".

The main premiere of this season was the choreographic composition "Russian Patterns" - a temperamental, bright, lively dance that embodies all the creative imagination of the people, the depth of their thoughts and feelings. One of the leading ballet masters of Russia, the famous Russian dance director Alexei Shishkin was specially invited for the production. The choreographic composition is based on the folk song "Meadow Utushka". The dance resembles patterns, but has no attachment to any region of Russia, but is staged in an academic form.

The skill and professionalism of the Miras ensemble artists allows performing a wide variety of songs, dances and melodies: this is Ilshat Shaikhullin's Canto della terra, and Alexandra Rusnak's Moldavian Sketches, and foreign melodies on the kurai by Yulai Kasimov ... Another premiere of the season was “ Fatima "by Nura Dautov performed by the orchestra of the ensemble is a well-known melodic composition for the play" If you love, you don't love. "

In the jubilee season, Miras sets itself ambitious goals: these are new productions, and active touring, and participation in official events, and the restoration of old dances ... Now negotiations are actively underway with the directors.

- We will restore the old dances, which were staged by the founder of the collective, Gennady Anishchenko. These are "Souvenir Dance" - Russian dance, "The Legend of Birds" - Bashkir dance, "Game of Bast Shoes" - men's group performance, - said the People's Artist of the Republic of Bashkortostan, chief choreographer of the Miras ensemble Alfiya Timirgazeeva.

Within the framework of the anniversary season, tours are planned in the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia and abroad.

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