Ulfat Mustafin inspected building process of social venues

On May 6, Head of Ufa Administration reviewed building process of social venues of the municipality

On May 6, Head of Ufa Administration reviewed building process of social venues of the municipality.

Firstly, he visited school in Demsky district of Ufa.  The school is being built within the frames of the project «100 venues for 100th anniversary of the Republic».

This educational institute will include classrooms, primary school block, gym, school hall etc. School project involves implementation of interactive educational complex, installation of modern equipment and access to electronic libraries.

«First of all, all necessary conditions for children should be created on school territory: for education process, as well as for workouts and creative events» said Ulfat Mustafin.

Then Head of Ufa Administration visited new music children school №9 named by Adigam Iskuzhin in Zaton neighborhood.

Today, 295 students study there on 16 educational programs. 40 teachers work with kids. Every year, the quantity of students is growing and the necessity in classrooms is running higher, too.

New building will be 3-floored with a total area of 1500 м2. 17 classrooms are planned to be built here for individual and group classes.

Ulfat Mustafin marked that the project is unique.

Building process is planned to be finished by September, this year.

Then, Ulfat Mustafin inspected venues of high maintenance and encharged responsible persons with a task to finish the building process.

Also, Ulfat Mustafin visited children hospital №17 where he reviewed new segments. Today, extra 4300 meters are planned to be built there as the 6 floor venue.

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