Happy Oil and Gas Industry Workers Day!

Congratulations from the head of Ufa City Administration of the Republic of Bashkortostan Ratmir Mavliev.

Happy Oil and Gas Industry Workers Day!

Dear workers of the oil and gas complex of the city of Ufa, industry veterans!

On behalf of the Administration of the capital of Bashkortostan and myself, I congratulate you on your professional holiday - the Day of Oil and Gas Industry Workers!

Your daily continuous work is necessary for the machines to work smoothly, for the heat to come to homes and offices! Truly, this difficult job requires strength, endurance and high skill. Life in many parts of our city often depends on how successfully oil and gas workers work.

With all my heart I wish you high achievements in your work, the implementation of all plans! Happiness, peace and prosperity to you and your families, good health and inexhaustible energy to achieve all life goals!

Head of Ufa City Administration Ratmir Mavliev

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