Ufa is in the top three green metropolises of the country

The capital of Bashkortostan took the third place in the ranking of the greenest million-plus cities in Russia.

Ufa took third place in the ranking of the greenest million-plus cities in Russia, which was compiled by Roscosmos specialists. In the first place - Perm, in the second - Yekaterinburg. The lowest level of landscaping in Krasnodar.

The analysis was carried out using satellite imagery from the Canopus-V satellite constellation. Experts checked the green areas of 16 Russian cities with a population of over a million. Their total area and the share of landscaping in the areas of the most dense building were calculated.

It should be noted that in terms of further improvement and landscaping of the city, the head of Ufa City Administration, Ratmir Mavliev, outlined as a priority the transition from planting annual flowers and plants to perennials, planting more shrubs and trees, creating new alleys and expanding existing ones. In addition, the municipality is working on the issue of restoring the green frame of the historic center of the city. Places for planting trees will be determined along free corridors, taking into account engineering communications. It is also planned to continue comprehensive landscaping in areas where roads are being repaired.


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