Happy Global Youth Day!

The Head of Ufa Administration Ulfat Mustafin congratulated citizens.

Happy Global Youth Day!

Dear young Ufa citizens!

I sincerely congratulate you with Global Youth Day! This holiday is significant for us, because Ufa is a city of young people.

Youth of the capital of Bashkortostan take an active part in the life of our city and already makes a great contribution to the development of science and business, culture, sport and other spheres.

Ufa offers all possibilities for development of youth, strengthen of creative and intelligent potential, professional growth. One of the main points of our social policy is to take care about our youth.

You do great job! You are full of optimism and strength. You need to develop our city, Republic, country. Be persistent, dynamic and creative. Do your path yourself!

Never look back!

Happy Holiday!

The Head of Ufa Administration              Ulfat Mustafin

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