Happy Day of the National Flag of Russian Federation!

Congratulations from the Head of Ufa Administration Ulfat Mustafin.

Happy Day of the National Flag of Russian Federation!

Dear citizens and guests of Ufa!

On August 22, one of the most significant holidays of our country – Day of the National Flag of Russian Federation is celebrated.

Flag, alongside national emblem and anthem, is the symbol of unity and cohesion of our multinational people. Today, under the tricolored flag, together we write a new history of our country.

Republic of Bashkortostan and its capital Ufa steadily follow the path of social-economic development, adoption of innovative technologies, quality of life improvement, strengthening of civil society and patriotism.

This holiday reminds us, that we are one nation with rich cultural traditions, and that we remember and hallow our history and heroes.

I wish you good health, well-being and peace in the name of free and prosperous Russia!

Happy holiday!


Head of Ufa Administration                                               U.M. Mustafin

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