Happy Housing and Public Utilities Workers' Day!

Congratulations from the Head of Ufa Administration Ulfat Mustafin.

Happy Housing and Public Utilities Workers' Day!

Dear Housing and Public Utilities Workers!
Dear Ufa citizens!

Housing and public utilities occupie the most important place in the life support system of the capital of Bashkortostan - the city of Ufa. The quality and living conditions of citizens, the functioning of various enterprises and social facilities directly depend on the stable operation of housing and public utilities enterprises, as well as the consumer services sector.

There are no other such industries in close contact with which each Ufa citizen begins and ends his day. Water and gas supply, heating, electricity, city lighting, cleaning and maintenance of streets and urban areas, landscaping – it is hard to count everything that you work with. You are always in the labor post.

The sphere of consumer services is developing dynamically in our city. Enterprises and individual entrepreneurs who work to improve the quality and culture of service provide a wide range of services.

I express special gratitude to veterans for their contribution to the development of these most important sectors. I thank those who continue the best professional traditions, work in good faith and value the trust of the residents of our city.

Today we are conducting serious work to create a modern urban environment, landscaping, updating the park, the material and technical base of enterprises of housing and communal infrastructure. Our main task is to make Ufa one of the most beautiful and comfortable cities in the country and for its solution we can not do without your high professionalism, a clear and responsible attitude to the matter.

I sincerely congratulate you on your professional holiday! I wish you and your loved ones good health, optimism and work achievements for the benefit of our city and republic!


Head of Ufa Administration                                                          U.M. Mustafin

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