Happy Uraza Bairam!

Congratulations from the Head of Ufa Administration Ulfat Mustafin.

Happy Uraza Bairam!

Dear Muslims!

I congratulate you on the end of the holy month of Ramadan and the holiday - Uraza Bairam!

This bright day reflects the centuries-old traditions of Islam and the main commandments of the closing fast: spiritual purification, mercy, the performance of good deeds - all that are equally dear to people of all nationalities and religions.

Good neighborliness, religious tolerance, peacefulness, justice and care for others have always characterized Muslims. For many centuries, people of different nationalities and religions live and work together in Ufa. Ufa residents feel like one big and friendly family, they are always ready to come to the aid of their neighbor, to turn their shoulders in difficult times. This is especially important today during the period of the fight against coronavirus infection.

Due to the fact that the threat of the spread of the virus still remains, festive services in mosques are held without the participation of believers. You can join the prayers remotely. We must spend this bright holiday at home, following the recommended sanitary measures.


I congratulate everyone on the wonderful holiday of Uraza Bairam and sincerely wish you good health, prosperity and success! May happiness, peace and warmth reign in every house!

Happy holiday!



Head of Ufa Administration U.M. Mustafin



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