Happy Family, Love and Fidelity Day!

Congratulations from the Head of Ufa city Administration Ulfat Mustafin.

Happy Family, Love and Fidelity Day!

Dear Ufa residents!

I sincerely congratulate you on a wonderful holiday - Family, Love and Fidelity Day!

This kind and bright holiday, representing the happiness of married life, the warmth of the hearth and the joy of communication of relatives, was revived in our country in 2008 in memory of Orthodox Saints Peter and Fevronia and truly became beloved and popular.

In the Bashkir capital, great attention is paid to strengthening family values, reviving the traditions of a large family. Support for the institution of family, motherhood and childhood is one of the most important priorities in the activities of the municipality. Today in Ufa, we are making every effort to make our city convenient and comfortable for both adults and children.

On this wonderful holiday, I express sincere gratitude to parents who adequately bring up both their own and adopted children, large families, married couples with many years of family life, as well as newlyweds and those who are just about to start a family.

To all Ufa families - love, happiness and harmony, home comfort and good health! Let children's laughter sound in your families and smiles shine!


Head of Ufa city Administration                                                            Ulfat Mustafin

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