Happy Navy Day!

Congratulations from the Head of Ufa city Administration Ulfat Mustafin.

Happy Navy Day!

Dear sailors and navy veterans!

Dear Ufa residents!

I sincerely congratulate you on a wonderful holiday – Navy Day!

For more than three centuries, the navy has firmly stood guard over the national interests of our Fatherland, is a symbol of defense power and a strong state. Thanks to the courage and bravery of military sailors, Russia won the glory of a sea power.

Continuing glorious traditions, the Russian Navy today, with full dedication and high results, performs strategically important tasks to ensure the stability of the military-political situation, the state's defense capability, and the peace and quiet of our citizens.

In Bashkortostan and the city of Ufa, there are more than 46 thousand people who have served in the fleet, 36 natives of the republic are admirals. The Ufa city Administration maintains contact with those who have served and are serving in the navy.

The municipality also continues to develop and strengthen ties with the Russian Navy in the framework of the Agreement on cooperation and patronage relations between the municipality and the crew of the «Soobrazitelny» guards corvette of the 128 brigade of surface ships of the Twice Red Banner Baltic Fleet. Ufa is proud of the successes of the crew of the sponsored ship, naval traditions of courage and loyalty to the Motherland. These traditions are carefully passed down from generation to generation and serve as an example of true patriotism for adolescents and youth.

Also last year, a solemn ceremony of laying the Ufa submarine for the Pacific Fleet took place in St. Petersburg, which will become part of a reliable shield and strengthen the Far Eastern borders of our country.

I express my deep gratitude to all sailors and navy veterans for their selfless service and devotion to the Fatherland! I wish you and your loved ones good health, well-being and happiness, success for the benefit of great Russia!


Head of Ufa city Administration                                               Ulfat Mustafin

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