Happy National Unity Day!

Congratulations from the acting Head of Ufa City Administration, Republic of Bashkortostan, Radmil Muslimov.

Happy National Unity Day!

Dear residents of Ufa and guests of the capital!

Please accept my sincere congratulations on National Unity Day!

We are celebrating this significant date as a sign of respect to our ancestors for their great feat, who defended the integrity and independence of the Fatherland by force and solidarity. The glorious and heroic achievements of the older generations will always serve as an example of solidarity and patriotism.

Our republic is a powerful and strong constituent entity of the Russian Federation, and its capital is one of the fastest growing cities. And today the main task of the municipality is to make the present and future of Ufa prosperous. This desire unites all residents of the city and provides a reliable basis for solving the large-scale tasks facing the country.

Only in unity will we be able to achieve success in the implementation of large-scale tasks to strengthen the socio-economic position of Ufa and improve the quality of life of people, creating a comfortable, favorable urban environment.

I wish you all good health, success in business and endeavors! Peace, goodness and prosperity!

Happy Holidays!


Acting Head of Ufa City Administration,

Republic of Bashkortostan                                                            Radmil Muslimov                      

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