Happy Kurban Bayram!

Congratulations from the Head of Ufa City Administration Sergey Grekov.

Happy Kurban Bayram!

Dear residents of Ufa! Dear Muslims!

Kurban Bayram is one of the most significant holidays in the Muslim world. It personifies kindness, mercy, and compassion. These enduring spiritual values ​​in all traditional confessions and at all times served and serve to strengthen unity in society.

Representatives of different religions have lived in Ufa in friendship and harmony for many centuries. Muslims of Bashkortostan make their significant contribution to the multifaceted cultural palette of the republic and its capital Ufa, the development of social and economic spheres.

May this holiday bring warmth and happiness to the homes of Ufa residents! I wish you all health, vigor and optimism, success in good deeds for the prosperity of your beloved Ufa and native Bashkortostan!

Happy Holidays!


Head of Ufa City Administration                                                   Sergey Grekov

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