On the night of November 25 the capital's main Christmas tree was installed. According to tradition, the workers of the Municipal Budgetary Institution "Gorzelenkhoz" brought and installed the beautiful tree from the Blagoveshchensk district.

The height of the Christmas tree is 35 meters and its age is 85 years. In the near future, the tree will be decorated. The design of the ice town will begin on the square, where the figures of Father Frost and the Snow Maiden will be placed. They will also install three arches in the form of large festive balls, figures of stars and snowflakes. There will be an LED canopy behind the Christmas tree above the fountain, a console in the form of butterflies will be installed on the outdoor lighting poles.

Taking onto account unfavorable epidemiological situation, the number of playing field with ice towns and Christmas trees will be increased in comparison with the previous years. So, in 2019 there were 85 playing field, in 2020 – 247, in this year 321 playing fields will be organized.

The work on the New Year's decoration of Ufa is scheduled to be completed by December 1.

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