Carnival was held in Ufa

On City Day, Lenin Street briefly became a pedestrian street.

On June 12, on the Day of the City, Lenin Street briefly became a pedestrian street - the festival «Ufa – Festive» was held here. The carnival morning with the guests was held by theater groups from all over Russia, who came to the capital for the festival of street theaters «Aydafest». Everyone could become a part of an exciting, vibrant action and join the parade. One of its most memorable participants was the «Carnival Ship» of the creative group «Fire People» from Moscow.

On the pedestrian street, one could attend master classes in felt and wood, modern dance, watch demonstration performances of athletes and pass the TRP standards. Games for children, photo zones, exhibitions of artists and vintage cars were organized. An ethnozone was organized near the fountain «Seven Girls».

The Head of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov visited the holiday. He presented passports of a citizen of the Russian Federation to schoolchildren in Ufa. He noted that for the first time in two years Ufa celebrates its City Day on such a large scale.

«First of all, I congratulate you on the Day of Russia, our huge, beloved and great state. I congratulate you on the Day of the city, our beloved Ufa, the sunny city of happy people. In two years, its big anniversary, the capital will turn 450 years old, it will become even more beautiful. I wish you all health, prosperity, happiness, smiles, confidence. We will try our best to make Ufa the most beautiful city in Russia. Addressing our kids who are getting passports today, I want to say that it is a great honor to be a Russian citizen. I wish them to be true patriots, professionals and happy residents of Ufa,» said the head of the region.

Near Lenin Square there is an exhibition of the best sculptures made of wood, selected according to the results of the «Form of Bend» competition. The Head of Ufa City Administration Ratmir Mavliev awarded the authors, before that he congratulated everyone on the holidays.

«It's a beautiful day, and we have so many different events, guests from all over the country came to us. For example, thirty-seven cities today take part in street theater performances. And, of course, it is symbolic that on the Day of Russia we show all our power - industrial potential, economic. The most important thing that we have is our people, Ufa residents, young citizens. I want to wish everyone good health, and I hope you will love our city, take care of it and engage in creation for the benefit of our bright future. Happy holiday, dear friends! Happy City and Russia Day! » he stated.

In addition, there was a presentation of youth subcultures, modern dances, military-patriotic clubs and search teams, a creative workshop and a career guidance point for young people. And one of the most spectacular events of the festival was the city's open championship in masswrestling within the thematic space «Ufa Sports».

The holiday continues. We are waiting for everyone in the park «Kashkadan»!

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