Happy Athlete's Day!

Congratulations from the head of Ufa City Administration of the Republic of Bashkortostan Ratmir Mavliev.

Happy Athlete's Day!

Dear Ufa citizens!

Congratulations to athletes, sports veterans and all supporters of an active and healthy lifestyle on the Day of Athlete!

Sports and physical education in the life of a modern person are simply necessary. Regular physical activity tempers the character, the spirit of a person, gives a charge of vivacity and energy.

Today Ufa provides everyone with a huge number of opportunities to go in for sports and physical education, maintain a healthy lifestyle. We have many sports grounds, running areas, large sports facilities are being built, which will become new zones for the active lifestyle of Ufa residents.

Ufa is one of the leaders among Russian million-plus cities in terms of the number of citizens who systematically go in for physical culture and sports: this is almost every second Ufa citizen - 490,000. Our Olympians, brought up in Ufa sports centers, regularly supply medals to the national team, confirming the status of the capital of Bashkortostan as one of the country's leading sports centers.

Happy holiday, friends!

Get into physical culture! Love sports and be active!


Head of Ufa City Administration

Ratmir Mavliev


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