Happy Knowledge Day!

Congratulations from the head of Ufa City Administration of the Republic of Bashkortostan R.R. Mavliev.

Happy Knowledge Day!

Dear pupils and students! Dear teachers and parents!

I sincerely congratulate you on the Knowledge Day!

A good school education is the foundation of success in life. Our beloved capital is proud of its strong teaching staff - enthusiastic teachers who love children and their subject. The success of students is largely the result of the painstaking daily work of teachers and parents.

There are many good higher educational institutions in our city, where studying is worthy and prestigious. Ufa universities are the flagships of the education of the whole of Bashkortostan, talented children from different parts of the republic, and also from other regions of the country study in our universities.

Particularly I want to address the smallest - first-graders! You are at the very beginning of an amazing journey. Appreciate this wonderful time! Learn with pleasure, get new knowledge, support each other and be always grateful to teachers and parents!

I sincerely wish you all good health, well-being, successful studies and bright achievements!

Head of Ufa City Administration Ratmir Mavliev

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