Happy Medical Worker Day!

Congratulations from the Head of Ufa Administration Sergey Grekov.

Happy Medical Worker Day!

Dear doctors and nurses! Dear Ufa residents!

On the third Sunday of June, the Medical Worker Day is celebrated annually in our country. The holiday of representatives of this profession has a special meaning for everyone.

Even before our birth and from the first minutes of life, each of us is under the supervision and care of medical professionals. Your labor brings to society what is immeasurable in money. It is health, active life, longevity.

Your job requires not only deep knowledge and professional skills, but also a lot of moral and physical strength. It is these qualities that doctors and all the medical staff of our medical institutions demonstrate, steadfastly taking on all the challenges of the time.

I express my sincere and deep respect for your selfless work! Separate words of gratitude to the veterans of the healthcare industry who made an invaluable personal contribution to the development of the system of medical care for Ufa residents and residents of Bashkortostan, and today they transfer their rich experience to young specialists.

I wish you all good health, patience and good spirits! Let loved ones always surround with attention and care, and let the family hearth serve as an inexhaustible source of vital energy!

Happy Holidays!


Head of Ufa Administration                                                          Sergey Grekov

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